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  • AEVOLVE AG Ushers in World Alzheimer’s Month with Commitment to Work with Companies in Alzheimer’s-Related Research


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  • AEVOLVE AG Ushers in World Alzheimer’s Month with Commitment to Work with Companies in Alzheimer’s-Related Research

AEVOLVE AG Ushers in World Alzheimer’s Month with Commitment to Work with Companies in Alzheimer’s-Related Research

(Zug, SWITZERLAND — September 12, 2019) AEVOLVE AG,, a blockchain-powered biomedical financing engine, reiterated its commitment to supporting Alzheimer’s disease related research at the beginning of September, which is World Alzheimer’s Month.

As patient organizations and charities all over the world drum up their campaigns to heighten awareness about the disease, AEVOLVE AG, which has advocated for Alzheimer’s research since its inception, renews its commitment to supporting biopharma companies that engage in Alzheimer’s-related research.

The disease, which takes a massive human and economic toll globally, affects millions of individuals. There are 50 million dementia sufferers around the world, a large percentage of them suffering from Alzheimer’s related dementia, about 60–70%. Each year, this number grows by 10 million. The economic toll of this disease is staggering. It is estimated that dementia costs the world economy over USD 1 trillion in terms of healthcare, lost productivity, and resources.

In the US alone, Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Over 16.1 million Americans are providing unpaid care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia. According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, the value of services provided by informal caregivers has steadily increased over the last decade, with an estimated economic value most recently estimated at $470 billion per year. Deaths from Alzheimer’s in the US have also increased 123% within the period of 2000–2015 while other diseases like heart disease have decreased by 11% as a cause of death.

Alzheimer’s cases worldwide are expected to reach 56.55 million by 2030, 77.49 million by 2040, and 106.23 million by 2050. The medical community says that at present there is no known way to stop, slow or prevent this disease.

The few drugs available for prescription target symptoms, but not the root cause.

However, there are promising avenues in Alzheimer’s or anti-dementia drug development that may not yet be on the radar of governments and physicians, according to AEVOLVE AG CEO Rogelio Santos, Jr. “We may have a new weapon in the fight against Alzheimer’s,” he says. “If we were to wage a war on Alzheimer’s, the ‘enemy’ would be beta-amyloid and ‘the battlefield’ would be either in the brain or the blood. The battlefield of the brain is tough so some companies are looking at the blood.” Solutions like these aren’t Alzheimer’s drugs, per se, but are a way of targeting beta-amyloid in the circulation. Beta-amyloid, as mentioned, is a major component of the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease.

In dementia-related research, early disease intervention through extraction or elimination of beta-amyloid in the blood is one of the most promising research trajectories in Alzheimer’s. AEVOLVE AG is currently in talks with biotech companies that are pursuing this research.

A recent Washington University School of Medicine study on beta-amyloid detection in the blood has just recently been shown to be highly predictive of Alzheimer’s. It is important that research follows through on the blood detection correlation and that medical funding is channeled into these areas.

By providing an alternative pathway for such research and resulting products to be commercialized, AEVOLVE AG is not just pushing for a greater pace of innovation — it is saving lives.



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