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  • AEVOLVE Teams Up With Highkey Clout for Biggest Elite Social Media Crypto Event in Miami


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  • AEVOLVE Teams Up With Highkey Clout for Biggest Elite Social Media Crypto Event in Miami

AEVOLVE Teams Up With Highkey Clout for Biggest Elite Social Media Crypto Event in Miami

Influencer marketing is one of the best strategies to reach millions of audiences efficiently. AEVOLVE, a rising powerhouse in the cryptocurrency scene, recognizes the power social media influencers have over people. In partnership with HighKey Clout, the fintech company held the biggest private VIP mansion party in Miami called the #AVEX4LIFE campaign to showcase how cryptocurrency can affect the future of medicine.

AEVOLVE is the first cryptocurrency coin that focuses on “extending and saving lives.” The company bridges the growing world of financial technology and medical science through effective innovations. It envisions a future where the general public has complete control over medical innovations, explaining that big pharma and mediators have long blocked some of the most important inventions that could have changed humanity. AEVOLVE provides support for leading scientists and medical professionals from funding R&D stages to reaching full-scale commercialization.

AEVOLVE is unique because it was developed by biotech veterans who are dedicated to furthering medical technologies for future generations. The company has launched some of the most game-changing and cutting-edge medical innovations in history. Through its game-changing AVEX token, AEVOLVE has positioned itself as the first and bona fide cryptocurrency to have a direct effect on people’s lives. 

“Of all the tokens and blockchain companies that came to us, we chose AEVOLVE and their AVEX token,” shared the founders of HighKey Clout. “After doing our due diligence, it was a project that had a real solid foundation. Scientists can finally get all the funding they need through this unique platform, while patients gain early access to emerging medical solutions that may not have existed otherwise.”

AEVOLVE is powered by AVEX, managed by industry authority Rogelio “Vonz” Santos. The founder and CEO has made quite the buzz in international media when he boldly stated that “big pharma is sick, and we are the cure.” Furthermore, he shared that it is high time for cryptocurrency to take part in medicine.

“The #AVEX4LIFE campaign is the people’s campaign,” shared Santos. “Our mission is to get the medical solutions that people need and want to be accessible to everyone. Traditional biotech financing middlemen have historically blocked innovations from being released by continuously placing profits over people,” the CEO said further.

To forward and bring awareness to its mission, AVEX gathered some of the world’s most influential personalities, including 50 Cent, Lil Pump, Blueface, DJ Akademiks, DDG, Blake Gray, Faze Banks, and many others.

AEVOLVE was also the talk of the party when social media personalities gathered in Miami for Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms. This social gathering created a “boxing match” between two streaming and content creation giants, YouTube and TikTok. The attendees then proceeded to attend the #AVEX4LIFE private mansion afterparty. Some of those who attended were rising global TikTok influencers, such as Harry Tate, Harry Jowsey, and Pami Baby. Youtubers Zias, Jeff Wittek, and Mike Maijlak were also spotted in the scene.

All in all, the #AVEX4LIFE private party was live-streamed to over 300 million viewers across the globe, a result generated by over 500 influencers who took part in the iconic event. Founder and CEO Rogelio “Vonz” Santos also delivered a speech on what AVEX and AEVOLVE are doing to revolutionize medicine.

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