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New Blockchain Models for Medical Financing: Why Aevolve is at the Forefront

Burdened by declining productivity and innovation, biopharma is seeking new ways of financing its growing needs. According to the Tufts Center for the study of Drug Development (CSDD), the cost to develop a new prescription drug is pegged at $2.6 billion. This marks a 145% increase from 2003 estimates, according to an article republished on Scientific American.

New Research Into Rare Diseases To Be Supported by Aevolve

Rogelio Santos, Jr., CEO of Aevolve, a new platform dedicated to supporting innovative medical research, recently commented on the disturbing gap that exists between the millions of people who have been diagnosed with a rare disease and the life-saving medical treatment they are currently lacking. “Shockingly, 95% of all rare diseases today have absolutely no treatment.