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AVEX by AEVOLVE Breaks Barriers as the First Medical Cryptocurrency

It is a common misconception that ventures at the forefront of the entrepreneurial realm were created only to build wealth. Unbeknownst to millions of people worldwide, some of the most notable change-makers are the powerhouses at the forefront of the commercial space established for a purpose. AEVOLVE, a medical innovation company, is among the companies that are currently dominating their respective industries. As the mind behind AVEX, the world’s first crypto coin that is directly connected to extending and saving lives, this widely acclaimed entity marries new financial technology, cutting-edge innovations, as well as an ecosystem of athletes, celebrities, influencers, and citizens to drive biomedical advancements all around the world. 

Founded by research, technology, and finance veterans, AEVOLVE is a well-respected institution fueled by the goal of bringing health-related innovations to the next stages of development so that patients can access and benefit from them faster. At its core rests the mission of bridging the gap between medical solutions and people in need. Since its establishment, this cause-oriented industry leader has been prepared to take on big pharmaceutical conglomerates, aware that traditional biotech financing intermediaries have historically blocked revolutionary products from being released because of their emphasis on placing profits over people. 

Under the leadership of Rogelio Santos, AEVOLVE is changing the game by introducing the first crypto token that bears implications on the preservation of life. In collaboration with Highkey Clout, an influencer management agency, it recently made waves in the Miami scene when it launched AVEX and the #AVEX4LIFe campaign. The fast-growing power player, joining forces with today’s social media elites, capitalized on the reach and influence of those in the limelight to gain visibility and propel the movement forward.

During the exclusive mansion after-party celebrating the emergence of AVEX into the fore, hundreds of prominent figures set the mood for the captivating performances by Lil Pump and Blueface. The crowd was flooded with social media personalities, including Smokepurpp, Ray J, Blake Gray, Harry Tate, Harry Jowsey, Zias, Jeff Wittek, DJ Akademiks, and more. This star-studded gathering made a considerable buzz not only because of the names present but also because it was the result of a shocking partnership between AEVOLVE and HighKey Clout. 

For years, HighKey Clout has been known to reject crypto-related projects, so it made it all the more newsworthy that it chose to lend AEVOLVE a hand. “Of all the tokens and blockchain companies that came to us, we chose AEVOLVE and their AVEX token,” shared the founders of the social media growth company. “The trust that we placed in them was born from our understanding that scientists can finally get all the funding they need and patients can gain early access to emerging medical solutions that may not have existed otherwise.”

The creation and launch of AVEX is a massive step toward a future where a lack of funds does not hamper scientists and medical innovators. As the token continues to gain a foothold in the coming years, AEVOLVE will not slow down in fueling advancements in the medical space. Learn more about AEVOLVE by visiting its website. For press inquiries, please contact



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