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AVEX by AEVOLVE Commits to Breakthrough Medical Solutions Accessible to Everyone

It is believed that cryptocurrency collapses almost everything like personhood, art, and humor into money, giving an advantage to some and a disadvantage to many. However, this is not the case for AEVOLVE. With AVEX, cryptocurrency is giving way to saving lives.

AVEX is a masterpiece by AEVOLVE, the first crypto coin known for being directly connected to extending and saving lives. AEVOLVE was built with hopes of bringing health-related innovation to move forward in leaps and bounds. In doing so, patients can easily access and benefit from them faster. 

To accelerate the financing of medical innovations, AEVOLVE was making a splash in Miami and opened its doors to bring the evolution of both fintech and medical science together. As developed by Biotech veterans taking medical technologies from start to finish, it has rallied innovative and cutting-edge solutions. The promising company stands with a vision of connecting patients, investors, and scientific innovators to promote medical discoveries from the R&D stage to full-scale commercialization. 

Staying committed to pursuing its purpose, AEVOLVE launches AVEX to change the medical and financial landscape. Through bridging the gap between artists, social influencers, and crypto giants into the world of pharmaceuticals. Although unusual in many ways, this strategic move helps elevate the world’s most needed technologies on its own. At present, it is the only cryptocurrency that ultimately forges changes in the world as its valuation grows.

The breakthrough movement exists, relieving its belief of lives over profits. With a mission of making medical solutions incorporating one’s needs and wants, AVEX remains a campaign of the people, for the people. It reaches the heart of an individual and solely aims to provide accessibility for everyone from all walks of life. 

Mr. Rogelio Santos, CEO of AEVOLVE, remarks, “Traditional biotech financing middlemen have historically blocked innovations from being released by continuously placing profits over people.” Now, to review the standards of the industry, AVEX is taking over big pharma. It is claiming to be the cure for the poorly constructed trend of prejudice along with the social influence that unites to catalyze the change.

To pull off a successful launch and connect with numerous influencers, AEVOLVE partnered with HighKey Clout for a token promotion. In an uber-exclusive event at a private mansion, AVEX was supported by guests like 50 Cent, Lil Pump, Blueface, DJ Akademiks, DDG, Blake Gray, and Faze Banks. Additionally, influencers like Blake Gray, Harry Tate, Zias, DJ Akademiks, the FaZe Clan, and many more showed their encouragement for AVEX’s initiative.

The founders of the Influencer Management, HighKey Clout, say they specifically chose APEX by AEVOLVE among the many tokens and blockchain companies, knowing that the project had a real solid foundation. They add, “Scientists can finally get all the funding they need through this unique platform, while patients gain early access to emerging medical solutions that may not have existed otherwise.”

The AVEX Token fuels the ecosystem and launches with a real utility. Empowering scientists and innovative medical companies to save lives, AVEX generates funding and fuses science and the people’s choice to fruition. To learn more about its cause, visit AEVOLVE’s website. Then, to explore, follow APEX’s launch on Youtube. For press inquiries, please contact



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