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Boxing’s Elite and Researchers Unite to Fight COVID-19

AVEX IMPACT Announces Strategic Partnership with American Dream Present, Sterling Promotions and J3G Global.

Las Vegas, NV, July 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AVEX IMPACT from AEVOLVE AG announces strategic partnership with American Dream Present, Sterling Promotions and J3G Global, jointly developing a new platform that combines premium entertainment and world-class boxing events managed by industry icons with novel financing models that leverage AEVOLVE’s technology portfolio and digital assets. The objective is to create new opportunities that enhance financing for solutions that can be leveraged by non-profits, philanthropic organizations, and medical research initiatives.

In early June, Ron Johnson of American Dream Present, Sterling McPherson of Sterling Promotions and James Wilent of J3G Global reportedly made a multi-million dollar offer to Mike Tyson for a comeback event. Mike Tyson captured the world’s attention recently with a short video clip that went viral. A comeback event would draw a massive global audience and surpass potentially all prior pay-per-view record sales.

According to Ron Johnson, Boxer/Promoter and CEO of American Dream Present, “The world, right now, is in the biggest fight it has ever faced, and it is happening on all fronts. Our partnership with AVEX IMPACT uniquely unites boxing’s elite with scientists at the forefront, a fitting combination for victory. We all have to do our part.”

AVEX IMPACT recently initiated support for NuCISION, Inc. which began drug development of a novel cell-penetrating programmable enzyme-based anti-viral model to directly address the COVID-19 virus.  The new medical technology, which is neither a vaccine nor antibody approach, is expected to enter human trials by Q4 2020.

This partnership will lead in uniting various sectors and communities including entertainment, research organizations and digital currency to empower even more medical innovations to accelerate their work towards a solution.  According to Mr. Rogelio Santos, President of AVEX IMPACT, “The fight against COVID-19 is the fight to get our lives back to normal.  We are excited to work together to create new ways where everyone can help play a role and support the medical solutions that the world needs now.  It’s time to KO this Corona Virus.”

About American Dream Present

American Dream Present was founded by current GBO Heavy Weight Champion, Ronald “Ron” Johnson in 2007. As a professional boxer, Ron has held 4 World Titles and won numerous medals on the USA Boxing Team, while placing over $100 million dollars in events since inception. He has produced numerous shows with boxing icons like Don King, Zab Judah, Fernando Vargas, Joel Cassamayor, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Michael Grant as well as others outside the ring including Kim Kardashian, Carlos Slim and many others.   Ron and his Partners are now setting new heights in the boxing and entertainment world.


AVEX IMPACT is a US based non-profit organization that focuses on medically oriented awareness and financing programs to impact communities and accelerate medical innovations. The entity was launched by AEVOLVE AG, a fintech company that provides financing solutions for medical innovation organizations by bringing together patients, medical professionals, and researchers through digital platforms. The organization was founded by finance, research and technology veterans to identify and launch medical innovations.  Their portfolio currently holds patents that are quickly being developed to directly treat COVID-19 infections. 

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